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About me

Drawing has always been my passion and my first love. I get influences from all type of art mediums. From Comic books, video games, animation, cartoons, illustration as well as art in museums and films. I've produced illustrations for Kwemara Publications called 'Health and Nutrition', A Rastafari perspective. Creating comic book and album/mixtape cover for Music artist and entrepreneur Corey Johnson, animated for cartoon series Jet Boy by Corey Davis. 

I joined a group of beta testers for the drawing app pictorial game sequel Drawsomething 2 / Artwith friends on iphone IOS. I produced animation for Daniella Blechner short film 'Hair We Are', as well as illustrated for her book 'Mr Wrong'.

I came in first place with my yellow team in a drawing competition called 'Graff Fight' at the V.O.C (Variation On Creation) Expo event and got awarded a trophy and certificate. 

 I also co created a video game for android called 'Space Buster' which i did game art and design.

i am part of a creative team called 

truecrenativez where we produce

creative works and plan to unite with other creative heads.

Currently i'm creating a comic book called 'swords and guardians' and a video game called 'beginning of a king.

my aim is to create visually inspiring, entertaining and educating content that amdecreations london provide. 

Video game i designed and co created

          swords and guardians issue 0

                         US purchase

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